A site created by MAGIC for mirroring projects for EmulatorNexus

About the Mirrorpage

I created the mirrorpage for your downloads when your server is gonna canceled or your links to your projects are gonna be down for unkown reasons.

When you want that I should mirror your project, feel free to message me at Steam, Twitter or via Mail. I will decide if I gonna host some files for you or not.

Nexus Switcher

Let us have a look at this basic scenario: You are playing Nexus. But sometimes you are also playing the unmodified version. So, what do you do? You have to move manually the .dlls and stuff. That is annyoing. Especially if you just want to play a quick match. And you might have asked yourself already this question: "Isn't there an easier way to do it?"

Made by Alexee, orginal thread

Modified startup files

Here are some modified startup-00.fbrb files, they feature different configurations like unlocking the M1 Garand gun, optionally with the DICE-BOOM Specialization or everything unlocked. All startup files support the new "MIXED" gamemode which allows BC2, Vietnam, Rush and Conquest Maps in one map-/playlist.

Made by Rodney, orginal thread


Server administration can be daunting. This tool simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining a reliable and fun Bad Company 2 server. Control as many servers as you want with a multifaceted connection engine to manage as many servers as your clan has.

Contact MAGIC

Feel free to contact me when I should mirror your projects